BG Products Is a leading American company for high quality maintenance of vehicles. Its products have long-standing years of unprecedented innovation and excellence. BG products are committed to maintaining vehicles with high quality vehicle maintenance services for fuel systems, engines, gearboxes, brakes, power steering, cooling, accumulators and climate control systems. BG is a leading manufacturer of automotive preparations and oils, specialty chemicals, greases, tools and equipment, which meet the strictest standards: ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Technology and Manufacturing-  Our research and development laboratory, innovation center, production plant and distribution center place special emphasis on the high quality of a product from the beginning, production and distribution.


Petrotech presents SK ZIC oils from Korea, KROON OIL oils from the Netherlands and CONOCO PHILLIPS oils from the USA. The oils are certified by the world's leading car manufacturers, and are especially suited to the advanced technology in the automotive world. These oils extend\ increase the range of treatments, while maintaining the proper functioning of the engine and moving parts.


Petrotech is a leading provider of tools and equipment for garages from the best-known manufacturers in the world. The products provide an optimal solution for the garage needs in diagnosis, transportation, air conditioning and manual and pneumatic tools. Throughout the years, Petrotech maintains a high standard of service, uncompromising service and technical support. In addition, the company employs a skilled, veteran and professional team that provides a holistic technical solution, including periodic service and product regulations.


Our Industrial Cleaning Solutions

Petrotech is the manufacturer of environmental and user-friendly cleaning products. These products have been specially developed to meet the needs of heavy industry and facilitate all areas of air traffic Marine (Vehicles and trains). These products were developed according to market demand and all have the unique approvals of the Standards Institute, the Ministry of Defense, the Israel Electric Corporation, Israel Railways, BOEING and AIRBUS.

Petrotech is the only company in Israel that holds these approvals for its products. The efficiency of our products has been proven to thousands of satisfied customers who enjoy their daily use. The company has a professional and experienced team that is available to serve customers with any question or problem.


In accordance with the tradition of Petrotech, bringing the best products and prices at the best prices, we present to you the following companies: NOVOL, RANAL, LISTRIS.







NOVOL is one of the leading companies in Europe and markets its products to many countries around the world. Owns an innovative and impressive factory that includes state-of-the-art laboratories and quality control in the world. The company manufactures its range of high-quality raw materials purchased from global companies, which market their raw materials to the leading companies in the field. NOVOL is attentive to the needs of the Israeli market and thus adapts its products to the needs of the local market. The result is hundreds of satisfied customers.

RANAL is a leader in the field of Skeptal and produces a variety of products branded by the company by unique names sold to the largest paint companies in the world. The company's products are of high quality and uncompromising and therefore their use leads to the best results. All high-end materials are easy to rub and do not change to color.

LISTRIS is characterized by a young and innovative mind, ahead of its time in creative and advanced thinking. The company has set itself to supply products compatible with most of the leading color companies in the world, with an unbeatable quality and price.


Petrotech is proud to bother you with the product line adopted by the best OEM manufacturers. FIAMM, with years of experience and thousands of employees, produces reliable, professional and high-quality batteries at the highest standards in the world.


Petrotech provides a comprehensive solution to its range of customers in the field of car accessories, everything the vehicle needs and more. Here you can find car safety products, quality mops, German bulbs, a comprehensive line of sprays, and accessories for vehicle indulgence.

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